GED2HTML: What's New in the Current Release

Version 3.6:

This release consists of incremental updates and improvements I have been making since the release of version 3.5 a year and a half ago. The following changes were made since version 3.5e:

Version 3.5e:

Another mostly bugfix release that supersedes version 3.5d. The following changes were made since version 3.5d:

Version 3.5d:

Another bugfix release that supersedes version 3.5c. The following problems in version 3.5c were fixed:

Version 3.5c:

Another bugfix release that supersedes version 3.5b. The following problems in version 3.5b were fixed:

Version 3.5b:

This additional bugfix release supersedes version 3.5a. The following problems in version 3.5a were fixed:

Version 3.5a:

This bugfix release supersedes version 3.5. The following problems in version 3.5 were fixed:

Version 3.5:

It's been a long time since version 3.1a, and as I've made a fairly substantial number of improvements, I've bumped the version number several notches. I didn't go all the way to 4.0, though, because the changes to the program are primarily evolutionary, rather than revolutionary. The following summarizes the most important changes. There have also been many other minor changes and fixes.

Version 3.1a:

It's sort of embarrassing to issue a new release a few days after a previous release, but in this case I had to do it because of a bug in the new "automatic living detection" feature that could potentially cause me to get a lot of E-mail.

Version 3.1:

This release consists of minor bug fixes and changes I introduced in response to E-mail from users, plus a new experimental output format, ability to process LDS ordinance information, and a feature for automatic flagging of "living" individuals.

Version 3.0b:

Version 3.0a:

This version incorporates a few bug fixes and extensions since version 3.0. Specifically, the following changes were made:

Version 3.0:

Version 3.0 represents a major rewrite of a large portion of GED2HTML. The main objective of this rewrite was to modify the internal design of the program to obtain flexibility for accomodating the GEDCOM 5.5 standard as fully as possible. There were three main problems with the old design that stood in the way of doing this: (1) the output template language was too complicated, making it infeasible to add further features or information to the output pages; (2) the internal data structures could not accomodate the additional information allowed by GEDCOM 5.5 without using excessive amounts of memory; (3) the method of specifying program options was too complicated and ad hoc to support the introduction of additional options for output customization. The following is a brief summary of the main changes in functionality between 2.5b and 3.0:

Version 2.5b:

Version 2.5a:

Version 2.5:

Version 2.4c:

Version 2.4b:

Version 2.4a:

Version 2.4:

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