This is copyrighted software. You are encouraged to copy and share this software, subject to the specific conditions detailed here. You are permitted to evaluate this software free of charge for a period of no more than fourteen days. To use this software for longer than fourteen days, or to use it for anything other than evaluation purposes, requires written permission from the author. Such permission may be obtained by paying to the author a registration fee.

I can now offer you three ways to pay the registration fee. By far the fastest and easiest way for you as well as for me is for you to pay using the Kagi Web page at: Kagi is a payment processing service I have engaged for this purpose. They forward the payment to me after taking a commission of a few percent and also deducting the fees charged by the credit card company. To use the Kagi Web page, you must pay by credit card, and you must supply them an E-mail address they can use to sent you your registration acknowledgement after your payment has been processed. Generally, this will occur within 24 to 48 hours after you submit your payment.

A second way to pay, which anyone can use, is to remit payment to Kagi using the REGISTER.EXE program that is packaged together with the Windows distribution of GED2HTML. With this method, you may send payment in a variety of forms, including credit cards via FAX, and personal checks via postal mail. Kagi will send you an acknowledgement either by E-mail (preferred) or via the postal service, and will forward the payment to me after deducting their commission. To pay this way, simply run the REGISTER.EXE program, fill in the form, and send the payment as instructed. When you pay using this method, you should allow sufficient time (perhaps a week, depending on where you are mailing it from) for your payment to reach Kagi, a few days for Kagi to process your payment (depends on the form of payment -- see Kagi's Web page for details), and sufficient time for the acknowledgement to reach you again.

A third option is to send payment directly to me. To do this, you must be able to procure a money order or check drawn on a US bank (personal check is OK) for $20 US currency. Please make funds payable to "Eugene W. Stark" and mail payment to me at the following address:

Eugene W. Stark
14 Landing Lane
Port Jefferson, NY 11777
You can also send me a US $20 bill, however you should wrap it in paper and be aware that there is some risk involved in sending cash through the postal service. My bank can also handle checks written in Canadian currency, for a fee of $2 US, so if you wish to pay that way you can do it, but please send an amount in $CDN that will cover the exchange and the fee.

When I receive your registration fee, I will send you an acknowledgement of your registration, and place you on a mailing list to receive announcements of future updates to the program. You will also receive a password that will enable you to download the full version of the program from here. The full version of the program does not produce the UNREGISTERED message in the output files that the "demo" version of the program produces. Your registration fee entitles you to use any updated version of the program I release within two years of receiving your fee. Your registration fee helps me to justify spending time improving this program and responding to E-mail from users. Thanks!

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