GED2HTML: Downloading the Program

I make available versions of GED2HTML for several target platforms. Click on the links below for more information, including how to download the version you want. All of the above versions are shareware. For the Windows 95/98/NT and Unix versions, see here to find out how to register your copy. For the Macintosh version, please follow the link above and refer to the registration information distributed with the program. The Macintosh port was done by Brad Mohr. He calls it Sparrowhawk, and he is distributing it under a written agreement with me. Note that Sparrowhawk is currently based on the several-year-old GED2HTML version 2.5a, which differs substantially from the current Windows versions of GED2HTML.

Except for one of the Unix versions, which contains source code to GED2HTML version 2.4a, all the above distributions are binary executables only. Please note that I currently have no plans to distribute sources to any versions more recent than 2.4a. However, if you are a Unix user, you try the 2.4a source distribution and you send me the registration fee, I am typically willing to go to some trouble to try to provide you with a binary upgrade to the most recent version, assuming that I can get access to an ANSI C compiler on the type of platform you use. I maintain a collection of binaries of various versions of the program for various Unix platforms. If you don't see what you want at the downloading screen, it is best to mail me to find out whether I can supply an upgrade for your platform.

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