Other Functionality

Relabeling a GEDCOM

In a GEDCOM file, records link to other records using special record identifiers, which appear in the GEDCOM between "at signs" (@@). Often these identifiers consist of single letters like "I" (for "individual"), "F" (for "family"), etc., followed by a number that uniquely identifies a particular GEDCOM record of the corresponding type. Each application that can create GEDCOM files typically has its own scheme for creating these record identifiers. The record identifiers are sometimes preserved across multiple sessions of editing a GEDCOM and sometimes the records are relabeled each time the GEDCOM is saved.

Gedcom Viewer provides a Relabel GEDCOM item under the Tools menu. Selecting this item causes the records in the currently loaded GEDCOM to be relabeled. At the moment the relabeling operation simply creates sequentially numbered record IDs in a standard format -- it is not customizable in any way. In a later release it might be possible to modify the scheme by which the record IDs are created. The main use of this function is in conjunction with HTML Import Add-on, which creates GEDCOMs with special record IDs in order to keep track of links and equate records synthesized from separate documents. The special IDs are not compatible with some other GEDCOM software. If you find that this is the case, you can relabel the synthesized GEDCOM before saving it.

Checking a GEDCOM for Errors

The Check GEDCOM item under the Tools menu can be used to check the GEDCOM currently loaded into Gedcom Viewer for various kinds of errors. The errors currently checked for are: