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GEDCOM Viewer is a Java-based application that allows you to directly browse the contents of a GEDCOM file. As a Java application, it will run on any system that supports Java, including Windows, Mac, and Unix-like systems. It currently has the following features:

In addition, there are "add-ons" that provide the following features:

Further features are planned for the future.

GEDCOM Viewer, HTML Export Add-on, and HTML Import Add-on are currently available for download and free demonstration for 14 days. After the demonstration period, purchased licenses are required to continue using GEDCOM Viewer and HTML Export Add-on. As I don't yet consider HTML Import Add-on to be "industrial strength", it is currently available under renewable demonstration status if you have a licensed copy of GEDCOM Viewer.

There is no obligation involved in downloading and trying these products for the demonstration period. If you are interested in continuing to use them after the demonstration period, you can purchase licenses online, using screens provided by Gedcom Viewer for this purpose. Purchases are handled by, through this web page.

To run GEDCOM Viewer requires that you have Java Runtime Environment 1.5.0 or better installed on your computer. If the Java installation on your computer is not up-to-date, then use this link to get a free download of the latest version of the JRE, Standard Edition from Sun Microsystems.

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