GED2HTML: Family Group Style Output

Starting with GED2HTML v3.5, the family group style output that was experimental in earlier releases has been fully integrated into the standard output program. Family group style output produces a family group sheet page for each family, rather than the traditional GED2HTML individual data pages. Many people seem to prefer this style, which looks more familiar to genealogists.

Family group style output, is enabled by setting the output interpreter variable FAMILY_GROUPS to a nonzero value. Under Windows this is done by checking the "Family Group Sheet" radio button under "Output Style" on the "More Options" dialog screen. Alternatively, put -D FAMILY_GROUPS=1 either in the "Additional Options" field of the dialog box under Windows, or else on the command line under Unix. When family group style output is enabled, the number of family group sheets that are put in a single output file is controlled by the INDIVIDUALS_PER_FILE variable. See here for further information on customizing GED2HTML output.

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