GED2HTML: Downloading the MacOS/X (Darwin) Version

There is a MacOS/X (Darwin) version of GED2HTML. Like the other Unix versions, it is a command-line-only version with no GUI. It is distributed in two forms. The demo version is available for anyone to download and try out. The full version is available only to registered users. The difference between the demo and the full version is that the use of customized output programs is not enabled in the demo version, the demo version will not create output files for GEDCOMs containing more than 5000 individuals, and the demo version places an UNREGISTERED message in each of the HTML output pages it creates.

A GUI envelope for the command-line only application has been created by Michael Richards of British Columbia, Canada. He has kindly provided me with a binary (for Mac OS/X 10.3) and given me permission to distribute it. I do not personally have a Mac and have not tried out this code, but you might find it useful. As I simply received this code by email and uploaded it here without trying it out myself, I make no representation about its functionality and assume no responsibility as to what it might or might not do on your system.

It is my understanding that the above files include a copy of the GED2HTML binary along with the GUI wrapper, so there shouldn't be a need for a separate download.

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